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Foods You Should Eat During Winters To Stay Healthy

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Winters are here and it is time for warm food, drinks and clothing. Cold season is the time when our body craves food that gives warmth and nourishment. During this season many of us fall sick, but if you take care of yourself and eat a well-balanced healthy diet you can prevent yourself from getting infected with a cold or flu. There are a variety of foods that help in improving our immunity and help us in staying warm and healthy during this season. Keep reading to know what you should consume to stay warm and healthy.

Dry Fruits & Nuts

Try to consume a fist of dry fruits and nuts like dates, almonds, cashews, walnuts, pistachios as they are rich in minerals, proteins, fibre and vitamins. They are a healthy snack and should be eaten in moderation.


Add ghee to your diet as it will provide you with essential fats, Vitamin A and E, anti-oxidants and other organic compounds. It can easily be added to the diet by replacing oil with ghee.


We all know that turmeric has multiple health benefits. It helps in reducing inflammation and infections. It also helps to control joint pains and relieves cold and cough. You can make turmeric tea or turmeric milk (haldi ka doodh) and you can add it in curries or khichdi.

Seasonal Fruits

Citrus Fruits are rich in Vitamin C, Flavonoids and anti-oxidants, so stock up on oranges, lemons, limes and grapefruit. Fruits like Apples, Bananas, guava and grapes are available all around the year but if you have them in winters it is more beneficial. Apples are great for the nervous system, grapes prevent skin problems and are great for knees and eyes.

Root Vegetables

During winters root vegetables can withstand the cold and the farmers can get the fresh produce in the market. Include the root vegetables like carrots, turnip, garlic, onions, potatoes, beetroot etc in your diet. Root vegetables take a longer time to digest and can help to raise your body temperature, thus keeping you warm. Add these vegetables to your salads, soups or stir fry them.

Protein-Rich Foods

Consume a sufficient amount of protein-rich foods like chicken, lean meat, fish and eggs. Eggs are not only rich in proteins but also contain zinc, iron, selenium, vitamin A and B12. They can be made in many ways, you can boil, scramble or poach or even make an omelet. Don’t toss away the yolk as it also has many nutrients.

Hot Drinks

A hot cup of coffee can instantly boost your metabolism and raise your body temperature. For people who do not like coffee can have hot ginger tea. A cup of ginger tea may help prevent any viral and bacterial infection.

Being healthy requires a wholesome approach that includes a healthy diet and exercise. You should also focus on hydration as in winters we tend to drink less water.


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