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Thought Of The Day – PATIENCE

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What is patience? Everybody might be understanding it differently. This year we have experienced many hardships and learned a lot of lessons, and patience is one of them. Patience is not just to endure difficult situations but to accept them wholeheartedly and work for better results with a smile. It does become difficult at times, but being strong and having faith in the almighty will help you come out of the most difficult situations. Every religion teaches us to be patient, but we want everything to happen fast, even the smallest thing like internet speed or food delivered to home. Nowadays, people have become very fast-paced and want everything to happen at their fingertips. Let’s relax and take a deep breath, as this will calm your mind and body. Patience is a virtue that requires a lot of practice and conscious effort. Being patient does not mean that you stop working hard and wait for the right things or situations to happen but keep working hard and have faith that you will reap the benefits.

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  1. Beautifully penned… very good thought process and gives positivity to ones who are in dilemma during this pandemic.

    Well done and keep it up!!!

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